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Florida Foraging
 Florida Foraging is a  resource for the foragers  and plant-enthusiasts of Florida.


Andy Firk has been studying the plants of Florida for more than 20 years, collecting a wealth of information along the way. As excitement of growing and foraging foods grows, so should the knowledge-base!
Foragers foraging in Florida - Blanchard Park

The Challenge

Create an extensive and user-friendly catalog of plant-related content, including: plant profiles, events, experts, and articles. 
Florida Foraging plant index

The Solution

Bobaba built a platform using Ruby on Rails to allow Andy to add endless content to a structured and highly-detailed database.
Florida Foraging harvest calendar, plant index, and events

Andy Firk

Andy Firk is a well-known Naturalist and Community Organizer based Arcadia, FL. He is the steward of Bamboo Grove in Arcadia, FL and is often found giving informative plant walks or leading workshops on Gingers, Bamboos, etc!
Andy's response coming soon.

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