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IMT manufactures quality assurance phantoms for use in radiation therapy


With more than 30 years of experience in collaborative medical device design, development, production, and quality management, IMT manufactures precision devices for the radiation oncology field of medicine. IMT works closely with medical physicists, therapists, oncologists, and other device manufacturers

The Challenge

Redesign their web presence through a web platform that allows the company to create and update Products, Events, and Distributors as they expand. Functional and simplistic design are at the forefront of their business, so the site should be consistent to such ideology. 

The Solution

I built a Ruby on Rails web application to serve as the base for their website, with focus on desktop and mobile displays. Based on a PostgreSQL database and Ruby as the programming language, I delivered a custom style which was based in part on their already present brochures in order to create a standard in their branding.


IMT is a small medical device manufacturer based in Troy, New York. IMT was formally established in 2004, beginning our journey as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and custom products powerhouse for our radiation oncology clinical partners.
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