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Learn Florida Plants
Quickly find out any plant found in the Florida wild


This project seeks to pull together a myriad of disjointed plant resources into one succinct search. Narrow down by county, flower color,  habitat, family, etc.
Learn Florida Plants

The Challenge

Collect as much information as made available throughout the web on the plant species of Florida and create an easy to use interface for a user to easily key out a plant based on taxonomy, flower color, habitat, county, or region.
Learn Florida Plants filter by county, habitat, flower color, and more

The Solution

I created a web parser to collect information from various resources into a master list of plant details. I then developed a Ruby on Rails project to interact with the information through various categories and filters. The result is a quick and easy to use narrowing down of plants that you may find in Florida.
Learn Florida Plants: species search, hierarchical taxonomic sorting, detailed profiles
Note: this project is not on a paid domain. As a result, the server may take a minute to launch

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